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The Fund is an independent, student-run, investment group concentrated primarily in US equities and with current holdings totaling over $20,000. Our primary aim is to effectively manage risk and generate market-beating returns while introducing our members to real-world financial analysis.

By leveraging the expertise of our analysts, the Fund provides real-world trading experience and serves as an educational resource for the wider membership base. We use a value investing strategy across a variety of asset classes and performance is evaluated on a rolling basis to maximize returns. The fund is well diversified across all market sectors to minimise risk. At the start of each academic year, the Fund is partially liquidated leaving sufficient capital for reinvestment by future analysts. We are currently around 80% deployed, reducing volatility whilst allowing for quick decision-making in the face of exogenous changes in equity markets.

Since Julius David took over as Head of Fund, the fund has achieved returns in excess of 30%. This allows the fund significant flexibility in our ongoing decision-making and served as a benchmark for analysts going forward.


Ariane Lindsay 

President of the Fund

Paula Plechschmidt

Head of the Fund

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